Path of Exile Review

Those of you who are searching for a new dark fantasy RPG in the style of games such as Diablo III might be interested to hear about a great new game called Path Of Exile, It is currently available online, and completely free as well. It’s being uploaded to the internet in a beta testing version, so its availability may be subject to some time restrictions. If you enjoy fast paced, action filled, dark fantasy RPG’s, Path Of Exile may well be worth your attention. We suggest you check it out now for yourself while it remains free on the web.

Path Of Exile is a very finely detailed, very well executed RPG. Its overall presentation is top notch. There are six classes of character to choose from, and you can choose single or multi player access. It’s a game with a very well developed, detail rich, skill tree, which may even be a bit too much for players who have shorter attention spans. If you’re the kind of player who insists on creating extremely detailed characters, Path Of Exile’s skill tree and six classes of character will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Graphics and sound effects are very realistic, especially for a game which is currently only in its beta testing version. We expect that the finalized version will be even more amazing. The levels are very well executed, and the game is full of suspense and surprises, which will keep players occupied for hours at a time. We simply haven’t seen many dark fantasy RPG’s which pay this much attention to detail. If you’re looking for the ultimate fantasy game, Path Of Exile may well be the one that satisfies your craving for adventure. Our advice is to log onto the internet, and check it out for yourself.